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One person to be precise Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sherlock is much superior to Elementary in every sense and your reasoning behind the categories are ones you chose so that Elementary would win.

Its just a boring uninteresting show. Redtube milf blowjob. Her drug use intensified at this point, as did her consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. So I greatly disagree with many people, does that make me wrong: So forget Elementary vs.

She was desperately trying to save up enough money to buy a place to stay so she turned to the one way of coping that was free, self harming. Irene adler lesbian. She was the most intelligent and dangerous person in the world. Elementary is the far superior show; for just so many reasons. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Sherlock Holmes, as originally written can certainly be referred to as a drug addict.

My issue is that the reasoning behind his addiction is because of a woman. Didn't see your post cause it's hard to read on Fanpop on my ipod. Nude side boob. For example the episode Solve for X. Destiny's mutation also likely extended her lifespan greatly, as she was born in the s. She ignores the fact that Elementary really only has one woman who is a recurring character Joan Watson and also ignores all the ways in which the representation of woman on that show is sometimes questionable: At the end of the episode, Sherlock stands before a window chuckling to himself about how handily he settled the whole scandal with The Woman.

She and Raven also lived together in Mississippi to raise their foster daughter, Rogue. She then follows up on all her sexual attentions toward Sherlock by sending the decrypted code to a terrorist cell. The flight from France? Nonfiction Unsold Television Pilots: For the first time in her life, Irene was not only making love to a woman but in a way that they were equal.

The scripts are formulaic. There were elements that Freeman did where I just looked and went oh my gosh Bilbo Baggins. Sherlock on BBC One.

A friend of hers from University owned a strip club, from time to time she would visit him there when she was bored and had not had enough female clients. I usually prefer the British versions, but this time I could barely stay awake. T Talking Central Anon. Naked sex man woman. BBC1's Sherlock gets back on the case with nearly 9 million viewers. It was on one of these nights, that Kate proposed to Irene. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for:

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I re-created her as the obverse of Holmes: Her visions also showed her that Rogue and Mystique would soon play major roles in defeating Apocalypse. On the other hand, Irene and Brigid also have something in common.

Most recent Most popular Most recent. Amber hahn nude pics. Irene adler lesbian. I am Sherlocked as well! I'm little bit confuse with this, when John said ". At one of their weekly dinners, Irene announced, somewhat out of the blue that she was a lesbian.

Elementary is one of the weaker adaptations of Sherlock Holmes because it does not bear much of a relationship to the original stories, and it handles the characters in gimmicky and careless ways. Disable this feature for this session. The year is Until then, gain points by continuing to edit pages. So if she is bisexual or homo-flexible it is left entirely ambiguous. At first she was offended, as she had always been in the past when people offered her money. Does anything come into play with woman in the show because, at least at this point, you see some men having relations with other men, but do we see anything with women?

The sub-plot is Lucy asks to borrow money!! She told Kate she wanted her to quit working for the others as their maid, and come to work for her instead. Full moon nude. I have thought, from the very beginning of watching it.

Queer women are continued to not be taken seriously. A bit too soon for such a complex character, no? A young wealthy looking couple saw her with her change jar and told her they felt bad for her.

They discussed labels and what they meant quite frequently, and Irene decided she was a lesbian. But it is disingenuous to pretend that Elementary is in the same league as Sherlock, when the key criteria of how well it adapts Conan Doyle and tells the stories of the beloved character is completely ignored.

It turns out Kate had run away from her alcoholic abusive father when she was Irene realized she had never really thought of telling her parents she liked girls, but Jamie insisted she should so Irene did.

If they are reflecting the original cannon, it is an even deeper relationship than just a client. Mystique was emotionally destroyed by the loss of her longtime lover. Destiny also shares a yet-to-be-revealed secret, but regrets doing so after breaking contact, fearing that it was a grave mistake.

Can Molly do it? She was the first to learn how to read, the first to learn how to ride a horse, the first to learn her multiplication tables, and so on and so forth. Yet she wants only to elude her victim.

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It has lead to a more polarizing and interesting dynamic between the main characters and is one of the main reasons Elementary has managed to avoid becoming "just another CBS police procedural.

It was a history lesson. But, importantly, she makes her own way in the world. Milf blonde lingerie. I think the only people who think Elementary is better probably live in the USA.

Still, it was possible that both John and Molly had been mistaken in their eyesight and so had 'seen' hallucinated Sherlock as rudeā€¦ And so maybe that's why Molly was more than a 'bit mad'. Irene didn't notice this or at least pretended not to as the two continued walking. Graphic Depictions Of Violence Relationships: Once you've earned over points you'll be able to bypass this step and make live edits to our system. Sexy girl glenn frey Most of the men who hired her turned out to be dreadful.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. He was said to be very dangerousā€¦ "I don't know. Irene adler lesbian. They asked her if she wanted to come work as their maid. Two weeks went by and Kate had still not shown up yet, Irene was ready to give up hope when her doorbell rang.

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