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Have a comment or tip? So which are you? Wow, I've been away almost a year and it's like later the same day. Lesbian cowgirl pics. As noted by Legal Schnauser, even the legal website Findlaw has now picked up the story: Nothing wrong with being a homosexual! Tragic the crackers can get ok in the broken brain with seriously confused thought behaviors. Bill pryor nude. His candidacy was extremely controversial due to his antigay stancereports the Advocate.

Could this story explain why pedofiles are being awarded custody of their victims in AL Family Courts? What people do in their misspent youth can be forgive. And Supreme Court justices have overcome worse accusations during confirmation battles. I share your concerns about possible desensitization to porn, 7: There's age progression software out there. Eh, I can imagine that those pictures came with a fair portion of sexual harassment.

Where is his asshole? I've been working on Pryor story for six months or so, and it just came together last week. One question raised by this reporting is what is really going on in Pryor's chambers between Bill and his "male" law clerk? None of should be stunned. You might have doubts, but for those who know the story behind the photos, there are no doubts. Electronic dissemination of information and public feedback.

This page contains a single entry published on September 20, 2: A federal judge is to be respected and if he says it's not him then weight should be given to his word. Stripping women nude. Choose which channels you want to receive uncheck all to unsubscribe Gossip.

The word hypocrisy ought to catch fire in your hypocritical fat ass lying mouth. He has a man dick but he is a little kid. See herehereand here.

This plauges both side. I have been twice vetted by the FBI, including as recently as this past year; I have won two contested statewide elections; and I have been in the public eye for almost twenty years. If you've always wondered what's under Bill Pryor's robes. So much irony in that post.

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Judge Pryor, who has a wife and two children, reportedly denies that it's him in the photograph, but Alabama blogger Roger Shuler claims that a prominent member of the Alabama Republican Party and close associate of Judge Pryor's positively identified him as the subject.

That pic looks like it's from the 50s. Nicki minaj latest nude pics. His candidacy was extremely controversial due to his antigay stancereports the Advocate.

Thank you for your comment. TampaBayTed Hiz honor needs to show us his cock to dispel these rumors. Did either of those insiders express any doubt that it was Bill Pryor in the photo? But when you're a jurist who swings the gavel with a righteous ultra-conservative "traditional" values bent and seek to oppress a sexual minority, your past in porn should definitely be exposed.

About this Entry This page contains a single entry by Casey C. Your party will finish destroying itself in one of 5 ways: The blog is authored by Roger Shuler, who holds a journalism degree from the University of Missouri, worked for 11 years at a daily newspaper, and then spent 19 years as a university editor.

Find recent content on the main index or look in the archives to find all content. And who does porn and uses their real name? The guy in the porn pic has a larger square jaw and chin.

I bet his preacher won't like it much.

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His allegations have now been picked up by other bloggers. Bill pryor nude. Clothed in Nothing but the Afternoon Light We were reminded of Pryor's past porn rumors after this old FindLaw post started trending this week. Justice, is the right word, yes? Click Here for a sample. Simple enough to find out. College girl ass lick. But, leave naked people alone: Additional information that would have been important would be if he's been harder no pun intended on members of the LGBT community.

A reader tipped me off earlier this week to this juicy story out of Alabama, where a former state attorney general and current federal judge is in hot water after a photograph emerged that some claim shows him posing fully nude.

Pryor of the 11th Circuit U. The impeachment of President Clinton was not for getting a blowjob in the Oval Office, he was accused of lying to Congress about it.

If things were then the way they are now, somewhere out there is a model release with names and maybe even a SS. It kinda has this kiddie porn exploitation vibe to it that's disturbing. I will not dignify these disgraceful accusations with any further comment.

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Sad but they hate themselves and take it out on the rest of us who have accepted and celebrate our gayness. That's a different story, 6: Gay porn sites republished the Scott Brown pictures, too trust me, I looked. Is this the guy that thinks gays need to be in jail for having sex and yet he was in a gay porn seriously what is going on trump wife naked pics all over the Internet and now he wants this judge to be in supreme Court I think he want his cake and eat it to trump is a tramp a freaky tramp and not to mention Mike Pence looks like a old broken down gay version of Ken barbie doll like really what's really going on here.

We were reminded of Pryor's past porn rumors after this old FindLaw post started trending this week. Brother and sister naked. Tits boobs xxx This report includes an explicit photograph at the end of the post. Accusations of Bias in 11th Cir. Billy Budd I hope the media will bury this bastard with scandal. Not the internal non-judicial, non-legislative hypocrisy among social groups.

Continue earnestly into AG backgrounds involving Baxley, Sessions, and Pryor; others will fall into place accordingly.

Shouldn't surprise anyone that a Republican trying to restrict gay protections himself has a gay past. Sep 04, 4: Some of them persisted, saying they understood my "fears" which made it difficult to get them to stop writing me.

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