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Michael Serafin on November 9, 2: There is a dark grey house with a brick chimney in the background directly above and behind Harry's right shoulder.

When Harry and Erica are having a picnic at the beach the sun light changes from shot to shot. Www naked beach. This kind of by-the-numbers performance truly isn't As Good as It Getsand indeed, one imagines, Something's Gotta Give this title, by the way, is utterly meaningless -- nowhere in the movie does anyone say it or refer to it as a theme.

None of them have ever been considered traditional sex symbols, and all except Keaton have done on-screen nudity before. Diane keaton somethings gotta give nude. Diane Keaton gives a good performance in it, as a post-menopausal playwright who gets back in touch with her libido. I still feel self-conscious, but I don't care about being in a movie and showing my naked body in a silly scene where I'm going "Wah! Even if she's While it cannot be doubted that Keaton gives a great comedic performance here, I am very surprised that she was nominated for an Oscar for this performance.

Erica is ready for the commitment, but Harry is an old dog who isn't ready to learn a new trick. If the wish-fulfillment is truly one for older women, though, why have Keaton end up with Jack, when she could have Keanu Reeves?

This month, Shannon Dougherty does one. She's like all very smart people; extremely modest, extremely self-effacing. Keaton can't be blamed, really; she's utterly convincing and charming, first as a guarded woman with an acidic wit, then as a mature woman feeling the giddiness of love again for the first time in a decade or two.

Today Tomorrow This Weekend. There may be a narrative place for Amanda Peet and Keanu Reeves in "Something's Gotta Give," but the bulk of the film's best jokes concern stamina, Viagra, menopause, fading eyesight and, yes, flesh somewhat past its prime. Is kd lang a lesbian. The French directors seem to think nothing short of actual graphic sex will suffice as an actorly sacrifice. InTrump's Twitter is a campaign megaphone. Conventional wisdom has it that an actress gets more leverage the older and more established she becomes.

At 52, she turned her body into a sushi platter for her younger lover in the "Sex and the City" movie. Keaton in real life is a single woman who opined in a recent Entertainment Weekly interview that she'll probably never get married; Nicholson, an aging jet-setter who rarely dates women over There are a few Cinderella stories though - which should be enough to keep 'em stripping in the future.

I just don't think that for most straight American guys physical self-display is that huge an issue, even if the younger guys are getting more self-conscious about it.

I did run into one hilarious thing, though. It's pure fantasy to imagine Keaton or someone like her breaking Jack of that habit, but fantasy is why we have movies, right?

Has playboy posing ever sent any promising careers down the drain? At the same time I agree with Scott that the pacing of the movie, as a whole, is not that great and that it takes a bit too long to get to the final inevitable scene in Paris. In the scene of the freeze, where Erica and Harry first meet, see Marin's hair on her forehead change several times during close-ups.

Yet, there is no scene where one character tells off the other.

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The most amusing thing about this alleged comedy is the way the MPAA has ended up tacitly proving the film's point, namely, that society wrongly assumes older women can't be sexy.

When Harry is seen stepping outside of his hotel the evening after he arrives in Paris, behind him is the familiar Eiffel Tower gloriously illuminated against the night sky.

She might be hot! Like Cameron Diaz, Bullock waited until she reached her forties to strip for the camera — in the comedy "The Proposal. Keaton had also grown more comfortable with her body and no longer had the same hang-ups about showing it onscreen.

Coping on land after surviving at sea. Desi lesbian sex pictures. There are probably others as well.

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Tons of Comic-Con fun Jack's [Nicholson] making fun of himself. They go into the bedroom and talk. Diane keaton somethings gotta give nude. Both actresses bared all on the big screen at an age when most women are doing their best to cover up their bodies. With comedy timing is everything. Erica is, even at 57, a knockout who ends up besotting both Harry and Reeves' Dr.

Daryl Hannah, for instance, kept herself mainly covered up during her 20s and 30s a few exceptions. Sandra Bullock at 44 Like Cameron Diaz, Bullock waited until she reached her forties to strip for the camera — in the comedy "The Proposal.

Sobchak said Tomei's decision to strip in "The Wrestler" was a good career move because it got her noticed again. Robinson were actually a lot younger than they seemed back in the day The Books of Thin Six decades of dieting proves that losing weight the old-fashioned way didn't work either 10 Midlife Moments Those instants when we suddenly think that maybe we ain't that young anymore.

And, again, like most Hollywood images, we're not talking about realism here. Sweet milf tits. Now that she's in her 40s she can't seem to keep her clothes on. Now, Keaton does on-screen nude scene. Is that how it goes? She might be hot? I'm all for seeing more comedies rewarded with prizes, but compared to the other women nominated this year for Oscars, Keaton's role here seems overly lightweight.

Yeah, it kicks in on her 75th birthday. And as Eric said her nude scene is a priceless movie moment. My range of motion was better, I was slim, etc. When the actress, then in her mids, flashed Jack Nicholson in "About Schmidt" in"It was a shock," Basinger said.

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Sexy girls in very short skirts You should take the time to research your subjects first. This goes under your "Life's Cruel Ironies" post:
Girl with huge ass fucked In the scene where Erica and Zoe are in the kitchen and start hearing music, Zoe starts a mock calling, moving both her hands, in the shot from the front both her hands are empty the shot changes to her back and she has a glass in her hand. When the camera cuts to Nicholson's face, you see her back and her arms are down. Lordy, my time as a sexy thang is limited, better enjoy it while I can.
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